Web Design 101

Web Design 101

What Web Design 101 is

You don’t need to know code to use Webflow, though it helps to know a few things about how code works (and we’ll help you with that).

But to make the most of Webflow, you do need to know a thing or three about:

  1. Visual design
  2. Web design
  3. Design process

That’s what this free ebook, Web Design 101, will teach you all about.

Coauthored by designer Mat Vogels, developer Neil O’Grady, and content strategist John Moore Williams (that’s me), it dives deep into all three topics to offer tips, insights, and principles on everything from how to design your design process to how to build landing pages that turn visitors into customers.

In short, it’s the kind of stuff you’ll want to reference, well, daily.