The UX reader

The UX reader

Longtime UX Newsletter readers will recognize in this book some of our most popular articles, refined and given new life. But this isn’t just a greatest hits collection. We’ve peppered new content throughout, and the resources section at the end will serve as an evergreen reference as you hone your own practice. 

Our perspective on user experience design is reflected in the organization of the book. We start with an examination of collaboration and teamwork. The troika of UX follows: research, design, and development. We conclude with a selection of articles on refinement and other processes that never really end. 

As you read, you’ll surely have questions, observations, and feedback. In fact, we’re counting on you to get in touch and share your perspective. Really. We’re staring at our inbox right now. 

We’re showing you our work, work that we love. If it informs your work, even in a small way, we’ll be delighted. 

Aarron Walter Director of UX at MailChimp